Your character shoots automatically the closest enemy when you don't move.

Controller :

Compatible controllers are Xbox and PS. (We don't support switch controllers yet)

Keyboard :

Move : ArrowKey/WASD/ZQSD
Confirm choice : Enter
Dash : Space
ShowStats / Description : Tab/Shift

Far, far away, in the most recluded region of the west roam the heroes of the kingdom. Fallen from grace a long time ago, they are now hunted down and struggle to survive. Can they attone for their crimes or will they have to become the monster everyone seems to believe they are?

In this western/fantasy Roguelite/Survival game, play as one of the fallen legends.

Fight hordes of bounty hunters!

They are here for your head, don't let them have it!

Get stronger!

Level up and improve your stats according to your style!

Improve your arsenal!

Choose weapons from the various chests and change the way you play!

Play with friends!

Cooperate to improve as a whole or fight for the best loots!

They can't put shackles on you if you become unstoppable!

If you are interested by our game, you can wishlist it here on Steam :

You can also join our discord to discuss with other "Bounty of One"  enthousiasts, here is the link:


Download 49 MB

Development log


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how to multiplayer i want to play with my brother



how to switch charaters and pause\\\


UPDATE IT AT LEAST CLOSE TO STEAM OR AT LEAST  A FEW o fthe things on steammmmmmmm


Nice, though the charecters shadow broke


Deleted post


You've commented so much already bro

IMMA keep commenting until theres a update lol

holy hecka



whouls be cool if it gets an update at some point but it's good

looks like barly anyoine playing

very laggy in the start

how do you do multiplayer in this demo?


great game, but it would be cool if there were different weapons

good game, really like it but sometimes when moving when ipress spacebar i dont dash at all

keeps crashing for me


Great game, it takes a while to start a run but other then that the runs are smooth and the quality is good, I played for a while trying different builds, I didn't expert multiplayer tbh

idk if its just me but whenever the game loads and i click start i enter but when i am clicking the enter button the game just does nothing.

i found a bug where the 1st sheriff will randomly speed up (if it helps a had the slow nearby enemies powerup

Very fun to play just got a 16:57

This is a phenomenal game!

Is there only a single sheriff for now?  If the goal is to get the longest time, evading the sheriff seems like a way to do that indefinitely.  If it's bounty, though, I guess that's fine, since the clones don't give any.  Best time so far is 16:09, so I may just not have got far enough for the second fight yet.

the demo ends after 10 mins of beating the first sheriff so there is no second sheriff. you can still keep play but there are no second sheriff. my best time was around 17:30.

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dash bulid is good. you go with go with the ones that give you area effect when you use dash with around 3 to 4 dash. the abiliys are called is hero and shockwave. dont go with the dash damage you one or the healing one because you have to dash a lot for this build.


It's pretty fun actually. No sound but the art looks good. I died against the Sherif.

You want to speed up your attacks more than anything at first.

Maybe some more on-screen notes on what button to press what. I didn't know that pressing Tab reveals your stats.

Dash doesn't seem useful. I haven't played too long but perhaps when there are more projectiles, you can get out of the area faster.


Small spoiler: Dash will become a lot more useful with certain powerups ;)


Foundation is neat, some opinions

  1. Fix game over screen, it's stuck.
  2. Add some sound/music to draw attention
  3. Lower down foe hp
  4. Higher exp gain to fast forward reward

I don't think 3 hits is fair when MC require stop to shoot. Foes take more than that to beat, and some of them could shot projectile. It favors enemies more than player.

For me it's hard to get hooked.


Hey there! 

Thanks for your feedback,

Obviously we are still quite early in the development progress of the game and, therefore, your input is superimportant to us. We have noticed andhave been noticed of a few issues and we will hopefully get them fixed in our next update. 

We have some people wokring on a soundtrack, hopefully we can add it soon too :)

We will make a overall pass on balancing as well. It is an evolvingmatter of course as we add new objects on an almost daily basis.

If you're interested in our game's development, we have a discord server and we would be happy to see you there :

We will update the page as soon as possible, I hope you give it another try then and keep the feedbacks coming!

Thanks again and have a good one till then!

I think the balance is ok'ish, for me at least. For instance the second type of foe (the mummy bear-like things) has too many HP to focus on when you only deal 20 damage. However, that drove me to avoiding them and focusing on the knife guys first to build my experience. The point being, it forces you to make choices. 

What could make it more rewarding to actually kill them in the beginning is if stronger enemies reward you with more experience.


The mummy bear like things (as you put it so accurately XD ) are bound to change as they are, down the line, suppose to charge at you. It will ultimately impact their numbers and stats.

I think the standard level magnet upgrade does not work, I can't tell a difference. I did get a working magnet at some point, not sure which color that was.


Hey Swoopie, 

I see you're quite active on the game, it's great! In this stage of development, your inputs are super important to us!

We have indeed notice an issue with the magnet and the dash. 

For the magnet, I think it is due to the initial range being too small as it seems to work as intented once you get any AOE range upgrade.

For the dash, wewere able to single out the issue and will fix it soon. Basically, you can't dash while you are within invulnerability frames and you gain invulnerability frames whenever you get hit. See the problem in that? :)

Since you like item variety, you'll be happy to know we are adding new items every so often! :)

Anyway, I see you're invested in the game's development so I thought you might wanna join our discord server. That way, you can follow our advancements and give us feedback easier! Here is the link to the server :

Have a good one!

Haha yeah, I am hooked, I also like Vampire Survivor, which is similar. I like this style of game anyway, but the surprise element of the upgrades also helps, I think I said it before somewhere, it's nice to choose what kind of character you build, based on the random choices you get. 

Already joined your Discord server, but I didn't see anything happening there yet, so I didn't post anything there yet, but if you're active there as well I'd be happy to post bugs and feedback sometimes. I think I'll be playing a game frequently for the coming weeks.

And, good that you started responding as well. Sometimes devs post games but are not really actively responding on feedback, don't really like that, so kudos :)

(1 edit)

You really have to work on the reliability of the controls. They kinda frustrated me today, the dash responded really poorly, which made me die. I had a -1 health on dash, but because the space did not respond I hammered it, causing me to lose health after a hit and die. Annoying. Still a cool game though. Really needs a sound update quick though! 

Also, the endgame popup didn't respond again. Quickly fixed by a refresh, but I have the feeling that's related to the dash not working reliably.

Love the variety in powerups btw. That's a huge part of the charm for me, never knowing what you will get next.

Great game, cool mechanics, and I didn't even play it in coop! Will definitely follow its development.

Hey Rascar,

I see you're already on our discord! Thanks for the feedback and see you there!

Fun game! Pity there's no sound though. And, ironically, when the 'report a bug' screen appeared after a died, the game did not respond to any of my inputs anymore ;-) Maybe because I died just after I dashed.


Haha it is indeed ironic! 

We will look into that for the next update! 

Hope to read you then!

If you'd like to see how the project evolves and give us some more thoughts and feedbacks, we have a discord server you can join. Here is the link:

See you there!

This is fun! Though I have an issue where the game freezes whenever I die. I can't send a bug report in the game or go back to the main menu. Good luck with your future games!

Hey there!

Thanks for your feedback!

We will look into the issue and fix it in the next update! Hopefully, you'll give it another try then!

In the meantime, if you'd like to follow the game's evolution, feel free to join our server:

Have a good one!

Deleted post

It made me think of Vampire Survivors as well indeed.


I noticed that health does get dropped sometimes!


Hey Dubber,

We have played VS haha To be honest, it was a bit of the starting point. We thought it was great but that we could add our own spin to it (and apparently, you like it so it's great to hear). At the moment, there are health upgrades but I believe they seem underwelming in regards to other upgrades. I think we might add more items that synergise with the amount of health you have to entice the player into investing in that. Also, health does drop albeit not often enough, we will look into balancing that.

Sound is coming! Soon hopefully, we have a couple of people working on it and we can't to let you hear it!

Anyway, you seem interested in the project so maybe you'd like to join our server and follow us up close. Here is the link :

Have a good one!

That's definitely true, health drops are really rare. Then again, I did make it through a few times. It does make you less careless. Every drawback has its advantage.